Travis Peterson

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Owner Information
Team Name Travis Peterson
Established 2008
Final Year 2010
Best Season 10-2 (2009)
Worst Season 1-12 (2010)
Divisional Titles 1 (2009)
Conference Titles 1 (2009)
KSL Championship 0
Regular Season
2008 5-7
2009 10-2
2010 1-12
2016 2-11
2017 7-6
Total 25-38 0.397%
2008 3-1*
2009 2-1
2010 0
2016 0
2017 0
Total 2-1 0.667%
* denotes it was a loser bracket
Travis joined the league back in 2008 during the expansion years. He stayed on through MFL and into the transition back to Yahoo. However, he had other obligations that cut his time with fantasy short.

2008, 2009 - MFL

Travis joined the league in 2008 when KSL made the transition from Yahoo to MFL. Travis had a great start to the season with wins over Mike, Aaron and Ryan to start off the season with a 3-1 record. The next four weeks gave him a 2-2 record but then Travis hit a slump; he lost 4 in a row including a loss to McConnell. The loss to McConnell gave him the tie breaker over Travis and at the end of the season both teams were 5-7 and Travis was the one on the sideline. Travis did win the right for the #1 overall pick in 2009 by beating Joe Snider and Travis was able to best McConnell the next week.

Travis had a solid year even with a 5-7 record. He beat 4 playoff teams but his loss to McConnell hurt him for his playoff run. Travis was determined to make next year his season.

Travis started 2009 by defeating some of the heavy hitters in KSL. He defeated the previous champion Ryan, Blake, Mike, Aaron and Doug to name a few. Eventually he was 9-0 and going into week 10 against the 9-0 Ty Palmer. This was the first time in KSL History that two teams have gone this deep undefeated. This was easily the game of the year and once the dust had settled, Ty Palmer had beat Travis Peterson. Travis was disappointed and he eventually dropped the last game of the season to Oberg who was 2-9. Travis had earned the divisional title and first round bye. In the next round of the playoffs, Travis made short work of Snider and Aaron to meet up against Ty Palmer in the Championship Match. Travis was determined to beat Palmer this time around but he was unable to do so.

After the 2009 season, Travis had the 4th best record in KSL history at that time. He had shown the skeptics that he was the real deal and he would make his time in KSL well known to the other owners.

2010 - Record Setting

In 2010, Travis broke a few records in KSL, but not the good ones. The draft day was set weeks in advance and everyone had agreed to it but at the last minute Travis's job had given him an extra shift and he was unable to make it. Travis was overseas at the time and so this made drafting even more difficult. Travis's team was autodrafted for him and so Travis didn't play his team since he didn't have as good of players as some of the other teams did. This upset some owners since he could have beat a few teams and changed the course of the playoffs but Travis didn't play his team right away. Travis lost the first 11 games of the season which is a record for most straight losses. Had it not been for Blake who also neglected his team, Travis may have lost every game that season.

Travis now holds the record for worst record in a season and longest losing streak in KSL.

2016-Present - The Return

Travis returned to KSL in 2016 replacing Joe Snider.


Travis leaves behind a legacy that made him a feared opponent in the beginning of his run in KSL. He has the distinct honor of holding the 4th best record in KSL history and the worst record. Because of his last season in KSL, it was ruled that an owner who quits checking their team or setting their lineup, would be dismissed the following season.