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This is the page for some of the greatest upsets in KSL History.


Shawn Werderman had started off the season going 0-6 and beat Andrew Hughes at 5-2. This was Sean's one of two wins.


Lance Frail dominates the Points League and is the top guy every single week. This Upset everyone in the league.


Dave Pate ended up winning it all in the end. He came back to beat Aaron, Kevin and Andrew who were Point Leaders at one point in time.


Aaron (4-10) beat Dave Pate (12-2) in the first round of the playoffs.


Brian (12-2) gets beat twice by Mike (5-9) in week 3 and 13.

Brian loses the first round to the 8th seed Blake Clayton (5-9)

Doug (5-9) beats Dave (7-7) and Andrew (9-5) by scoring the second least that week. Dave and Andrew scored the least the weeks they played Doug.


Brian (9-5) is the top seed and gets bounced the first round by Mike (6-7).

Aaron starts off 6-0 only to lose 4 straight games. 2 of the teams didnt make the playoffs.


Andrew wins 6 straight and loses to Occhi who lost 6 straight.

Andrew goes 9-3 and makes it to the Championship game only to lose to Ryan Skender who started the season 0-4


Ty Palmer wins 11 in a row and almost becomes the first team to go undefeated until he loses to Ty Boardman in the final game of the season.


Travis loses 11 straight matchups before finally defeating Blake Clayton in week 12.

Blake loses his last 8 games of his KSL career.

Ty Boardman starts off 6-0 and loses in week 7 to the same person who will defeat him in the championship game, Mike.


Joe Snider is 8-0 and Ty Palmer is 0-8 before meeting in week 9. Palmer is able to upset Joe and hand him his first loss of the year.

Ty Boardman is able to get the 8th seed after having 3 people lose and Ty won his final game.

8th Seeded Ty Boardman (6-7) defeats heavily favored Joe Snider (10-3)


Mike leaves KSL

After starting the season 3-1 Jon Occhi quits and loses his next 4 straight but beats Kevin Smith by scoring the second lowest points that week.


Despite coming into the season with one of the worst rosters, Ty was able to upset enough people to win 7 matchups

Oberg wins his first matchup but loses 10 straight

Dave Pate is able to beat heavily favored Doug Hahn in week 1 and again in week 12; giving Doug 2 of his 3 loses

Having dominated Andy in years past, Aaron was unable to beat him to stay undefeated against him in KSL.


Aaron lost to Andy by less than a point after he left his DL spot blank "since they don't get that many points"


Jon was able to upset Brian the week he would have won his division and secured a top seed in the playoffs. Dave Nanninga won 9 straight before losing his only match to Ty Boardman. They faced each other in Week 1 of the playoffs where Ty once again defeated a heavily favored Dave.