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If you are looking for the other Ty, He can be found here: Ty Palmer.
Owner Information
Team Name Can't Stop Scoring
Established 2008
Active Yes
Best Season 10-3 (2010)
Worst Season 3-10 (2016)
Divisional Titles 1 (2010)
Conference Titles 2 (2010, 2011)
KSL Championships 0
Regular Season
2008 5-7
2009 5-7
2010 10-3
2011 6-7
2012 6-7
2013 7-6
2014 5-8
2015 6-7
2016 3-10
2017 3-10
Total 56-72 0.438%
2008 3-1
2009 2-2
2010 2-1
2011 2-1
2012 0-3
2013 1-2
2014 0
2015 2-1
2016 0
2017 0
Total 12-11 0.522%

Tyson TyBo Rodriguez joined the Kewanee Sports League in 2008 when KSL expanded to 16 teams. He has used the team names Can't Stop Scoring and Scoring Daily despite the fact we know he has only scored once in his life.

2008, 2009 - MFL Years

In 2008 Ty had a rocky start by losing 4 of his first 5 games. However he was able to bounce back and win 3 in a row before finishing with a 5-7 record. This gave him enough wins to make it into the playoffs as the last seed. Ty was unable to beat Brian in the first round but won the next few matches to place higher than expected.

For 2009, Ty won 3 of his first 4 matches but he was unable to keep up the momentum and lost 6 straight. This didn't derail Ty and he was able to win out in order to make the playoffs. In the first round, Ty took on his divisional rival that year, Dave Pate. Dave beat Ty in the first 2 meetings and, in an unprecedented fashion, Dave beat him a third time.

Ty had an average start to KSL but he was determined to do better the following season.

2010, 2011 - Conference Championships

During the 2010 season Ty was unstoppable. He won 6 straight before dropping 2 and then another 4 straight. He finished that year with the best overall record at 10-3. In the playoffs he bested Kevin Smith and Joe Snider and made in to the finals. He eventually lost to Mike but it was quite an accomplishment to make it to the finals with the best overall record. This was the first time in KSL history that the #1 seed wasn't bounced in the first round.

In 2011 Ty had a rough start to his season. Ty lost 6 of his first 8 games which made his last 5 a giant uphill battle. He ended up finishing 6-7 and squeezed into the playoffs by having three teams lose their final games and Ty winning his. As the 8th seed, Ty knocked off the heavily favored Joe Snider and did the same to Dave Pate. He made his way back to the finals but lost again. This time it was to the heavily favored Aaron Hughes.

2012 - 2015 - Upset Special

The 2012 Season was a slow start for Ty. Ty started the season 2-6 and was looking like he would miss the playoffs for the first time in his career. However, Ty clawed his was back to the top and was able to go 4-1 to earn a playoff spot. Once again, he faced Andrew in the final week and was able to upset him to make his way back to the post season. Ty came in as the 6th seed and took on the heavily favored Dave Nanninga squad. This time around Dave was able to best Ty and stop him from going any further.

In 2013 Ty had started off slow by going 1-2 but he got 2 wins back and then 2 more losses. Heading into Week 8, he was 3-4 and tied for last in his division. Over the next 4 weeks he won every game to improve to 7-4 and in week 12 he took on Doug in what would decide the divisional winner. Doug bested Ty as did Dave Pate the following week. Ty finished the season at 7-6 and secured the 5th seed in the playoffs. Ty was able to beat divisional rival Andy Hughes in the first round but his rematch against Doug didn't go as well as he would have liked. Ty was beaten in the second round and went on to place 4th in the playoffs for that year.

For 2014 Ty was excited to get back to his winning ways and take down his three divisional rivals to earn a shot back into the playoffs. Ty started off hot by winning 2 of his first 4 and challenging Dave Pate for the division. Ty lost his next 4 in a row to fall below .500 for the first time that season. He was able to win his next two but ultimately lost in the end and missed the playoffs for the first time since joining KSL.

In 2015 Ty started slow out of the gate. He was 3-6 going into Week 10 against undefeated Dave Nanninga. Much like in 2009, Ty was able to not only defeat him but give Dave his only loss that season. Ty went on to win his next 3 in a row and finished the season 6-7 and go into the playoffs as the 8th seed, taking on heavily favored Dave Nanninga. Despite the favoritism, Ty was able to defeat Dave a second time this season and knock him out of the playoffs. Unfortunately for Ty, he took on 2nd seed Doug Hahn in the 2nd round and was unable to beat him. Ty went on to finish the year in 3rd place.

2016 - Present

Ty had a rough start to the 2016 season by losing 4 in a row. He did get a big win in the 5th week but lost 2 more in a row which placed him far and away from making the playoffs. Eventually, Ty was 3-7 and if he ran the table, he would have had a shot of making the playoffs but he lost in Week 11 to long time rival Andy Hughes. Ty missed the playoffs again for the 2nd time in 3 years.

Ty had another rough start to 2017 by losing his first 4 games like he did in 2016. He was able to get a key win in Week 5 but lost his next 5 in a row to be knocked out of the playoffs. Ty finished 2017 at 3-10.