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The Survival League is a league where one most pick a winning team per week. After picking that team, you cannot pick them again for the rest of the season. If you incorrectly pick a team then you are out of the running to become the KSL Survival Champion.


The Survival League was introduced to KSL in 2008 through MFL. It quickly became a huge hit and was quickly implemented into the KSL Leagues. Doug Hahn had won Survival for 2 times in 3 years. In 2011 Andrew had wanted to try a 3 Strike rule without testing it out first. The 3 Strikes rule was unpopular and so in 2012 KSL went back to a 1 and done style of Survival. Because of the 3 strikes policy of 2011, there is a conflict within KSL about who the real champion is. Andrew went the farthest without getting a strike but Doug ended up going the farthest before getting all three strikes. Yahoo's Survival system only has a team go until the other ones are no longer there and they end it. Therefore we can't see how far a team could possibly go like we could in MFL

For the 2012 Survival Season, every member of the league made it past week 1 which was a first but for week 2, every member went out. Because of this unprecedented occurrence, KSL voted on whether or not to restart the Survival. It was struck down and so the winner of the 2012 Survival Trophy is... Everyone.

Individaully, Doug has won the Survival Trophy on 3 separate occasions. He has 6 total.


2008 - Doug Hahn

2009 - Joe Snider

2010 - Doug Hahn

2011 - Doug Hahn / Andrew Hughes

2012 - Everyone - Week 2

2013 - Andrew Hughes - Week 8

2014 - Doug Hahn, Kevin Smith, Dave Nanninga - Week 7

2015 - Cameron Lincoln (He won, BUT we believe everyone else lost) - Week 2

2016 - Doug Hahn - Week 7

2017 - Dave Nanninga, Travis Peterson - Week 6