Lance Frail

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Owner Information
Team Name stonewallnosexever
Established 2002
Final Year 2004
Best Season 2002 5-7
Worst Season 2002 5-7
Divisional Titles 0
Conference Titles 0
KSL Championships 1 (2003)
Regular Season
2002 5-7
2003 5346(p)
2004 5988(p)
Total 5-7 0.417%
2002 1-1
Total 1-1 0.500%

Lance Frail was one of the first owners to join KSL. He is a former champion, having won the 2003 league. He left in 2005 due to his work situation but he made a major impact on KSL.


In 2002 KSL was formed by Andrew Hughes and he invited Lance Frail to join with the others. Lance had a rough time at the start of the season by dropping 4 of his first 5 games. He finished the year with a 5-7 record which got him into the playoffs. However, he lost the first round to the top seeded Kevin Smith.

2003, 2004 - Points and Championship

In 2003 KSL moved to a points system. Lance started off week 1 by being the point leader and he continued through week 17. No one was able to score more points in order to dethrone him from the top and so Frail became the 2003 KSL Champion.

For 2004, KSL stayed in the points system. Frail was unable to be the point leader overall but he stayed towards the top of the pack. He eventually finished 3rd behind Kevin and Dave.

2005 - Departure, Legacy

Lance was in the process of moving out of state, getting married and changing jobs. He eventually had to quit KSL but he had a lasting legacy on the system.