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Off Season

The Off Season is time to reflect on ones life and realize it is meaningless without Fantasy Football to prove you are better than your friends. It is a time when draft pick trades can happen as well as changes to the rules, points.

The Off Season Schedule is as follows:

  • March 1: Major Off Season Rules are Presented and Voted on
  • April 1: Divisions are chosen at random every other year (starting in 2013, continuing in 2015, 2017, 2019 etc)
  • May 1: Schedule is released
  • June 1: Draft Order is finalized


Dues are used for the purchase of trophies, t-shirts and draft day parties. These are nonrefundable and are due prior to the start of the season. Dues will not be used to award the winner. The ultimate prize in KSL will be to have your name engraved on the Matchett Cup. The Matchett Cup is forever, money isn't

Rule Changes

Any dramatic rule changes will go to a league wide vote that would require a simple majority. A drastic change to the KSL rule book would require a 2/3 majority vote. The difference between the two would be a dramatic change would be eliminating a player position and a drastic change would be changing the amount of teams that make the playoffs. Any minor changes can be done by the commissioner in conjunction with another owner so long as it is not collusion. An example of this would be the commissioner consulting owners to change how points are done. This is something that must be done prior to the draft and explicitly stated in a post to the league. If there is any serious confusion between a drastic and dramatic change, we will hold a vote for what it is. A simple majority will decide the difference.

Rule changes cannot happen midseason without every active owner voting in favor of said rule change. If, for example, the commissioner accidentally had points for PPR at 2 instead of 1, then this would require every owner to vote in favor of switching it. Even if 1 owner voted against this, then the rule stands for that year. If the commissioner notices an oversite prior to games being played, then he may change it without any vote but must tell owners it had been changed and why.

Not every rule change will be heard in the offseason. In order for a rule change to be voted on, it must be presented to the league and we must receive a 2nd and 3rd vote in order to have it placed on the offseason ballot. These do not have to be online 2nds but it helps when verifying the information. Once voted on, it will be put into effect that season unless specified in the ruling. If the vote is not in favor then that ruling is tabled for that year and can be brought up the following year. If it is brought up again and loses then it cannot be brought back up for another 2 years.

The most important rule of KSL is to have fun. We may take this seriously but we are professional and we like to have fun when we play.

Divisions and Scheduling

Sometime before the draft the schedule is created with that years teams. The current format is to have randomly generated divisions. After each odd year KSL will rotate some owners into new divisions. This will be done to create new rivalries and to keep divisions important.

Divisional winners are awarded the top playoff seed and therefore are very important to win. In some rare cases, the 4th seed may have a better record than a 3rd seed. Even when this happens, the divisional winner is still awarded the top seed and the 4th place team will need to do better next year.

the Draft

In a 12 Team league the bottom 4 teams do not make the playoffs and therefor do an offline playoff draft having the 9th seed play the 12th and the 10th play the 11th. The winners go on to play each other and whomever wins that game gets to pick where they pick in the draft. The person who win the first game and lost the second picks next and the winner of the loser bracket picks 3rd and finally the person who lost both games picks 4th. These wins and loses are not official and therefor not counted towards the playoff standings in the official KSL record book.

The 8 teams that make the playoffs, they battle for the ultimate prize in KSL. For the teams that lose the first round, they will battle for names in the lottery for the following year. 5th place gets 8 names, 6th gets 6, 7th gets 4, 8th gets 3, 3rd gets 2, 4th gets 1. This system is in place to make the teams who lose the first round to continue to play. It is also there so someone will not intentionally lose to get more names in the lottery system. The 3rd and 4th place wont be playing for much but the winner of that match gets twice as many as the loser so that game means more.

The winner of KSL is automatically the last person to draft and the person who came in 2nd will be the 2nd to last person to draft.

If a new person comes into the league then they will draft last. This means the previous KSL winner would draft second to last. If two new people come into the league then there will be a coin flip to decide who will draft last or second to last.

Regular Season

During the regular season, no changes will be made to the point structure ever. Any changes to the point system must be done before the draft so there is no chance of cheating to win. The Trade Deadline will always be before the start of Week 8. Many teams will be set to take the playoffs whereas the bottom teams know if they have a chance.

Trading of draft picks is legal but it cannot be any picks higher than the 6th round. The first 5 rounds are untradeable. If a team chooses to trade away their players for draft picks, they have every right to do so to prepare for the following season. Draft pick trades are limited to only having 2 extra picks in rounds 6-10 and only 1 extra pick per round. This means you can have a 6th and 7th round pick but not 2 extra 6th rounders. You can technically trade any of your own picks for higher picks, so long as you only have 2 extra picks from another team(s) and only 1 extra pick per round. For example, you could have an extra 6, 7, 8 but you must trade away you 9 or 10th when trading. For rounds 11-end, you can have as many extra picks as you would like.

If an owner quits the league before the season starts, KSL will attempt to give the team to a new owner. If we are unable to find one, then the commissioner will run the team to the best of his ability and hand off duties to the co-commissioner if they face each other. No trades can be made with the dummy team. If an owner quits part way through the season, the commissioner will ask the owner stay on but if he refuses, KSL will leave the team as is including injured players and bye weeks. If that owners team makes the playoffs, then he will still be left as is. In the unlikely event the absentee team wins, then they would be awarded an engraving on the cup but the commissioner would hold onto the trophy until a new winner is crowned.

If an owner quits prior to the regular season, then they move to the back of the line for eligibility for rejoining the league. If an owner quits during the regular season, that owner faces a 3 year ban in KSL including the pickems and survival. If an owner benches their team in protest, that owner faces a 1 year ban as voted on by the league. The protesting owner does not receive a vote and a simple majority would decide their fate. However, an owner can intentionally leave a player who is on a bye in his starting lineup if they are not looking to pick up a player and increase their roster moves. This must be done in good faith and an active owner must play a player in a slot if they are available.

Intentionally throwing games is punishable by losing draft picks. If an owner throws a game in favor of letting a team win, this is considered collusion and against the spirit of KSL. A group of the 5 eldest KSL owners will talk about what to do and decide what the consequences should be. Of course, the accused cannot be apart of the 5 owners.

the Playoffs, the Road to Glory

In a 12 team league the top 8 teams make the playoffs with the top seeds being awarded to the division winners. The top seeded team takes on the lowest seeded team throughout the playoffs. If the 8th seed knocks off the 1st seed, then the 8th seed will take on the highest seeded team in the playoffs. The teams that makes its way to the championship match will battle for the Matchett Cup. That winner will hold the trophy for the full year until a champion is crowned. If there is no NFL season then the winner will hold the trophy until they lose it. If a champion retires from KSL then the commissioner will hold onto the trophy until a new winner is crowned.

The two teams with the worst record will play for the last place trophy the finally week of the playoffs. The loser of this gets the "Bakerfield" which is for the worst person in KSL. Getting this trophy is not a privilege, but a curse. The following year will be nothing but misery for the team until the next year when a different team takes over. Previous winners to this trophy are given to the teams who placed last in the league in the playoffs or if we don't have those records then it is the team with the worst record. 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011 are the teams with the worst records but for 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 are teams that placed last in the playoffs.


The Pickems trophy is given to the team that has the most points at the end of the NFL season and playoffs. In the event of a tie, the trophy will have both names engraved on it and be declared co-winners. The trophy will be divided up and the teams will get the trophy for 6 months each. If there is more than 2 winners then the winners will have all the names on the trophy. The Pickems Trophy is entitled the "the Screamer"


The Survival trophy is given to the winner of the team that wins Survivor that year. Survivor will always be 1 strike and you are out. In 2011 we did 3 strikes and therefor we have a 1 strike winner and a 3 strike winner. In the event of a tie, the trophy will have both names engraved on it and be declared co-winners. The trophy will be divided up and the teams will get the trophy for 6 months each. If there is more than 2 winners then the winners will have all the names on the trophy. The Survivor Trophy is titles the "Full Moon"