Erik VanHyfte

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Owner Information
Team Name Hoofe-a-Conda
Established 2013
Active Yes
Best Season 8-5 (2013)
Worst Season 6-7 (2014)
Divisional Titles 1 (2013)
Conference Titles 0
KSL Championship 0
Regular Season
2013 8-5
2014 6-7
2015 7-6
2016 4-9
2017 6-7
Total 31-34 0.477%
2013 2-1
2014 0-3
2015 1-2
2016 0
2017 0-0
Total 3-6 0.333%

Erik joined KSL in 2013 after playing for a year in Doug's work league. Erik was eager to join up with some of the best players that fantasy football has to offer. Erik joined with only 3 weeks prior to the start of the draft and was put into a tough division with Ty Palmer, Brian Schoutteet and Joe Snider. Erik came out swinging and quickly developed rivalries with Doug Hahn and Brian Schoutteet.

2013 - Positive Starts

In the 2013 Season Erik joined us and took over the reigns for past owners Mike Smith and Jon Occhi. He was put in a tough division but was able to make an impact immediately. His initial start was rough having gone 1-4 to start the season but he was able to win 5 of his next 6 to improve to 6-5 and be tied for his division. In the final weeks, he took on Brian who he had lost to before. The winner of this matchup won the division and Erik was able to win by only a couple points to secure his first division title. Only one other owner has won a divisional title their first year in the league and Dave Pate was able to go on and win a championship later on when he did so.

Erik was able to finish the regular season with an impressive 8-5 record and the third seed in the playoffs. He was able to beat divisional rival Joe Snider in the first round but fell short to the eventual champion, Kevin Smith in the Conference Finals. Erik went on to finish 3rd overall.

Erik looked to be the early favorite in his division for 2014 but Ty Palmer and Brian jumped out to early leads and Erik was behind playing catch up. Through Week 10, Erik was 3-7 and at the bottom of the league. However, Erik was able to get big wins his final 3 games by defeating 3 playoff teams in order to secure the 8th seed in the playoffs. Erik took on top seed Dave Pate in the first round and defeated him at the end on the Monday night game by a fraction of a point. After the game was over, stat corrections ended up giving Dave the win. Erik made a strong showing and came up big towards the end of the season. Despite starting off slow, his playoff push made him a very dangerous opponent in the end.

In 2015 Erik stayed with a similar division but added Doug Hahn to the mix. In the first matchup, Erik took on Brian. In surprising fashion, Brian defeated Erik by a record 0.05 points. This became an omen of what Erik's season would become. Erik won his next 3 out of 4 to be tied for 2nd but he lost his next 3 in a row but got a huge win over divisional champion Doug in week 9. Erik then had a big matchup against evenly matched Dave Pate. Erik won this matchup until stat corrections came through on Thanksgiving to give Dave the win by 0.10 points. In the span of one year, Erik had the 2 closest games in KSL history; both of which against him. Luckily Erik won his next two to finish 7-6 and the 5th seed for the playoffs. Erik was unable to defeat Brian a third time but he went on to finish that season 6th overall.