Doug Hahn

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Owner Information
Team Name Super King Big Nuts
Established 2006
Active Yes
Best Season 10-3 (2013)
Worst Season 4-9 (2012)
Divisional Titles 6 (2008, 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Conference Titles 3 (2006, 2013, 2015)
KSL Championship 1 (2015)
Regular Season
2006 5-9
2007 9-4
2008 8-4
2009 7-5
2010 6-7
2011 5-8
2012 4-9
2013 10-3
2014 5-8
2015 9-4
2016 9-4
2017 10-3
Total 87-68 0.561%
2006 2-1
2007 1-2
2008 1-2
2009 2-1
2010 0
2011 0
2012 0
2013 2-1
2014 0
2015 3-0
2016 1-2
2017 0-0
Total 11-7 0.611%
Doug Hahn joined the Kewanee Sports League in 2006 and quickly became a major force in the league. Doug is also well known for having one of the best records in Pickems and Survival Leagues.

2006-2009 - Divisional and Conference Titles

In 2006 Doug finished 6th overall but he was able to make his way through the playoffs and get to the championship game. On his way to the championship game, Doug scored the 2nd least amount of points in the divisional and conference rounds. However, by a stroke of luck, he played the team that scored the least amount of points that week. Doug did score third most points the Championship week but he lost to the person who scored the second most.

In 2007 Doug was in a three way tie for the best overall record that year. Due to tie breaking procedures, Brian ended up with the record but Doug made a very strong showing. Doug was bounced from the playoffs in the first round, having lost to the man he defeated first round last year, Dave Pate. Doug had a very strong showing for being in the league for only two years and his next two were just as impressive.

2008 was the year KSL moved to MFL and so we had 2 conferences and 4 divisions total. 2008 was a great year for Doug. He finished with the second best overall record at 8-4 and earned a first round BYE in the playoffs. After the BYE, Doug took on Aaron and was defeated. It was a disappointment to do so well in the regular season and get bounced after his BYE but Doug was determined to make a change the following year.

2009 was another great year for Doug. Once again he took his division. However, Doug fell victim to Aaron the week after his BYE. It was a disappointing loss but Doug vowed to rebound the following year.

2010-2012 - Fall from Grace

The 2010 season started off rocky for Doug. despite starting 2-0, Doug would lose 4 of his next 5 games. However, Doug was still in the running to make the playoffs but missed out by 1 win. This did give Doug the advantage of having a higher pick the following year but he was upset he missed the playoffs for the first time in his career.

In 2011 Doug was determined to make it back to the top of the fantasy football world. However, the season didn't start the way Doug wanted it to. Doug started off by going 0-4. Doug did win 4 of his next 5 but the damage was done. Doug ended up losing 4 of his next 6 matches. His last match would have put him into the playoffs had he won. Doug had blamed his loss due to the strong division he was in.

Doug had made the right moves in 2012 to get him back to the post season, or so he thought. After grabbing some top players in his early round picks, Doug had a rough start by playing owners on their best days. He started out 1-4 but was able to get 2 more wins and be in a good spot at 3-4. However, Doug ended up losing 5 of his next 6 games to finish with a 4-9 record; the worst of his KSL career. Once Doug had lost a couple more games, he had sold off part of his team to get better draft picks for the 2013 season. This move gave him the opportunity for a better team in 2013 and finally get him back to the KSL playoffs.

2013-2015 - Championship Bound

Doug's fire sale did a couple things for KSL. One, it instituted a rule to mitigate those in the future and it gave Doug a leg up on the competition. For the 2013 draft, Doug was always drafting 2 rounds ahead of other owners. So when the 2013 season started, every owner was stunned when Dave Pate defeated Doug in week 1. Doug was able to bounce back and win 7 straight games before being defeated by Ty Palmer and again by Dave Pate. Doug finished the season 10-3 and the #1 seed that year. In the playoffs, Doug got revenge on Dave and defeated Ty Boardman in the next round. In the finals, Doug took on Kevin Smith for the title of 2013 Champion but came up short at his goal to become a KSL Champion.

Doug was an early favorite in 2014 and was ready to win his next divisional title. However, Doug lost his first two matches buy close margins and ended up losing 7 in a row before finally beating Dave Nanninga by a stat correction. Doug went on to win his next 3 in a row but his loss to Oberg in week 11 caused him to miss the playoffs. Doug did however win his last two games and climbed up out of last place. 2014 was disappointing for Doug since he was an early favorite for his division. He lost a few games by close margins and that caused him to miss out on the playoffs for that season.

Doug started off 2015 with a strong showing by winning 7 straight games and taking control of his division. over the next two weeks, Doug lost 2 key matchups to divisional opponents. These loses had Erik and Brian hot on his heels for taking over the division. Doug was able to get a couple of key wins while Brian and Erik lost a couple matchups to give Doug the division. Doug went into the 2015 playoffs as the 2nd seed and defeated Andy in the first round of the playoffs. Doug then took on 8th seeded Ty Boardman and beat him too. Finally, Doug went into the Championship match against 2 time champion Dave Pate. After the Monday night games were over, Doug finally achieved greatness and became a Kewanee Sports League Champion.

2016-Present - Divisional Battles

Similar to 2015, Doug battled with divisional rival Brian Schoutteet to take control of the division. Doug started off hot by winning 3 in a row but Brian kept pace and eventually overtook Doug but a loss late in the season gave Doug the edge and a top seed in the playoffs. Doug lost the first week to long time rival Andy Hughes.

In 2017 Doug swapped rival Brian for a new one in Kevin Smith. Both teams started the season at 5-0 before finally meeting in Week 6. Doug was able to defeat Kevin and take sole ownership of the division. It wasn't until Week 9 when Andy finally put a stop to Doug's winning streak. Doug went on to finish the season at 10-3 the best for that season.