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A Divisional Champion is automatically awarded one of the top spots in the playoffs. In 2008, 2009 they earned a first round bye. In some cases a divisional winner could have a worse record than the next highest seeded team who didn't win their division(See 2011).

Kevin Smith holds the most divisional titles at 6 whereas only one active owner has never won his division and that is Jon Oberg.

Dave Pate holds the record for Conference Titles at 4.

The Conference Champion is the team who wins their conference and therefore earns a right to become KSL Champion.

Divisional Champions

    1. Joe Snider, Dave Nanninga, Dave Pate
    2. Aaron Hughes, Ty Palmer, Dave Nanninga
    3. Doug Hahn, Kevin Smith, Erik VanHyfte
    4. Dave Pate, Brian Schoutteet, Kevin Smith
    5. Dave Nanninga, Aaron Hughes, Doug Hahn
    6. Kevin Smith, Ty Palmer, Doug Hahn

Conference Champions

    1. Aaron Hughes and Ty Boardman
    2. Ty Palmer and Dave Pate
    3. Doug Hahn and Kevin Smith
    4. Dave Pate and Dave Nanninga
    5. Doug Hahn and Dave Pate
    6. Jon Oberg and Andrew Hughes