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Owner Information
Team Name Kewanee Bulldogs
Established 2002
Active Yes
Best Season 9-3 (2008)
Worst Season 4-9 (2011)
Divisional Titles 2 (2006, 2008)
Conference Titles 2 (2008, 2016)
KSL Championship 0
Regular Season
2002 8-4
2005 5-9
2006 9-5
2007 5-8
2008 9-3
2009 6-6
2010 8-5
2011 4-9
2012 5-8
2013 7-6
2014 6-7
2015 6-7
2016 7-6
2017 9-4
Total 94-87 0.519%
2002 1-1
2005 2-1
2006 2-1
2007 0
2008 2-1
2009 1-3
2010 2-1
2011 0
2012 2-1
2013 1-2
2014 0
2015 0-3
2016 2-1
2017 0-0
Total 13-14 0.481%
Andrew Hughes is the commissioner of the Kewanee Sports League, Survival and Pickems leagues. Andrew's Team Name is the Kewanee Bulldogs. Andrew is a former Survival, NFL Pickems and League Pickems Champion. He also battles Andrew every year for the Prestigious A-Cup Trophy


Andrew created KSL in 2002 and ended that year with a tie for the best record that year. In the playoffs, Andy was beat by Brian who ended up winning it all.

In 2003 KSL Switched to a Points System. Andrew remained in the middle of the pack for the majority of the year. He eventually finished 4th, just a few points behind his rival Kevin.

For 2004 Andrew was able to make a big impact and during week 10 he was the point leader. However, he had some bad luck in the stretch and started to fall behind. Andrew eventually finished 4th again. He was only a few points behind the 2003 winner, Lance Frail.


In 2005 Andy had a rough year. He only won 2 in his first 10 games. He eventually went on to finish 5-9 and as the 7th seed in the playoffs he took out the heavily favored Kevin Smith. Andrew lost the next round to Blake Clayton and finished 3rd in the playoffs that year.

2006 was a better year for Andrew. He won 7 of his first 8 matchups and ended the year by winning his division going 9-5. Andrew took out Mike in the first round but in the next round he scored the lowest points the week and fell victim to newcomer Doug. In similar fashion to the previous year, Andrew finished 3rd overall.

In 2007 Andrew had a rough year by dropping 7 of his first 9 games. He went on to go 5-8 and finished 9th overall out of 12 teams. Andy missed the playoffs by 1 win.


In 2008 Andrew had a good year. He started off winning 6 in a row before going in week 7 to the winless Occhi. Andy had the best regular season record with 9-3 and took his division. After the first round bye Andy beat Ty Palmer and Brian Schoutteet and made his way to the championship game for the first time in his career but lost by only a few points.

Andy had hoped to keep the momentum rolling in the 2009 season. Despite winning the first game of the year, Andy lost 4 in a row but he was able to come back and win his next 5 straight before finishing 6-6. This earned Andy the 3rd seed in the playoffs. However, Andy was not very successful in the playoffs. He lost against Dave Nanninga in the first round, Brian in the second and Occhi in the third. He was able to win his final match against Ryan.

In 2010 Andy started the season winning 6 of his first 8 games. Andy finished the year with an 8-5 record and went on to face Mike in the first round. Andy was unable to beat him like he did in the regular season. Andy was able to beat Oberg and Kevin to finish in 5th for the playoffs.

Andy had a promising start in 2011 by defeating Ty Boardman in the first week. However, he dropped his next 4 in a row. Andy had a chance to make the playoffs in the final two weeks of play but he lost to Kevin and in the final match he lost to Boardman. This marks the second time that Andy has missed the playoffs.


Andrew's start to the 2012 season wasn't a very good one. Despite having on of the most points for, he started off 1-5. Andy's tough start didn't detour him from making a big push to make the playoffs. He won 4 of his next 6 to make his way into the post season. Once in, he took on a divisional leader in Ty Palmer. Andy put up a good fight but it wasn't enough to stop Ty from making it past Andy. Even though Andy didn't win the Championship this year, he was determined to make better draft choices for the following season.

In 2013 Andy started off by going 3-1 before losing 4 straight matchups to fall to 3-5. However, Andy was able to get some key wins in his next set of matchups and get 4 straight wins including 2 key wins over Kevin Smith and Aaron Hughes. Andy had never beaten Aaron in the regular season and his win gave his the prestigious A-Cup trophy. His win over Kevin was his first since week 4 of the 2008 season. During the last 5 years, he had played Kevin twice every year so this win was a big historical victory for him. Andy did lose week 13 to Doug but finished the season 7-6 and secured the 4th seed in the playoffs. Andy had lost a third straight matchup to rival Ty Boardman and eventually placed 7th overall in the playoffs.

Andy had a rough start to the 2014 season by losing his first 4 in a row. He took on divisional rival Doug in week 5 and both teams were winless at the time. Andy was able to upset Doug and 2 weeks later upset Dave Pate. Andy went on to win 4 straight games and improve to 6-6. Andy had one more obstacle in week 13. It was against Doug Hahn whom he beat earlier in the year. Doug was able to beat Andy this time and cause him to miss the playoffs. Andy was happy with his 4 game win streak but he wanted a shot at getting back to the Championship. He missed out in 2014 but is looking to improve his team for the coming years.

For 2015 Andy was moved to a new division and he started off really slow. Andy started off 1-5 going into Week 7 and he was starting to think about next season until he won his next 4 in a row to move to 5-5. For Week 11 he took on divisional leader Aaron in what would be a match for the division. Andy wasn't able to defeat his long time rival and he lost his next game which put Andy on the outside looking in for the playoffs. During week 13, Andy had not won a game since 2007 and he was taking on Ty Boardman who had only won 2 games that week, both of which were against Andy. Andy was able to get a big win that thrusted him into the playoffs and earn him a spot against Doug in the first round. Doug was able to get a big win over Andy and go on to win it all. Andy lost all his playoff matches and finished 8th overall.


Andy had great success in the 2016 season. Andy started off hot at 4-1 and was in a 3 way battle for the division with Aaron and Ty Palmer. However, Andy lost 2 in a row to those two and fell out of the divisional race. However Andy had a good enough record to become a wild card team. He eventually finished 7-6 with 4 of those loses coming inside his division.

Andy came in as the #6 seed and bested Doug in the first round. In the second he took down Aaron who defeated him twice in the regular season. Sadly, Andy lost by a few points in the finals to lose his second shot at the KSL Championship.

Andy started off 2017 with a couple losses before going on a 4 game winning streak. After a couple losses, Andy won his last 5 games and quietly finished the season at 9-4. Andy went into the playoffs as the top wildcard seed.

Andrew is looking to finally make it to the championship game again and finally secure himself a the KSL Championship.