Aaron Hughes

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Owner Information
Team Name the ÅH-mÂzιngs
Established 2003
Active Yes
Best Season 10-3 (2012)
Worst Season 4-10 (2005)
Divisional Titles 3 (2007, 2012, 2015)
Conference Titles 2 (2006, 2011)
KSL Championship 2 (2006, 2011)
Regular Season
2005 4-10
2006 6-8
2007 9-4
2008 6-6
2009 6-6
2010 8-5
2011 9-4
2012 10-3
2013 6-7
2014 6-7
2015 8-5
2016 9-4
2017 8-5
Total 95-74 0.562%
2005 1-2
2006 3-0
2007 1-2
2008 2-2
2009 3-1
2010 0-3
2011 3-0
2012 2-1
2013 0-3
2014 1-2
2015 1-2
2016 1-2
2017 0-0
Total 17-18 0.486%

Aaron Hughes is the 2006, 2011 KSL Champion. He entered the league in 2003 and has one of the best regular season and playoff record. He has a prestigious rivalry trophy that he battles against Andrew each year for call the A-Cup Championship.

2003-2005 - New to the league

Aaron Hughes entered KSL in 2003 joining Mike Smith as the two additions that year. As with most teams, Aaron did poorly his first year in the league. Aaron started the year off in 6th place and stayed there all season long. 2003 was the year KSL moved to a point system to try out a different way of doing the scoring in fantasy football.

In 2004 Aaron did significantly better. Aaron was the Point leader from week 3-7 but was unable to stay on top and eventually finished 6th out of 8 owners.

In 2005, KSL moved back to the head-to-head style of play. Aaron had a rough start at 1-7. He went on to be the 8th seed and went up against the heavily favored #1 seed Dave Pate (12-2). Aaron was able to pull out a win but lost the next round to the future league champion Russ Hughes. Aaron finished 8th place in the regular season but went on to place 4th in the playoffs.

2006-2011 - Playoffs and Championships

2006 became a very productive year for Aaron. He finished 5th overall with a 6-8 record. Aaron took on Kevin first round of the playoffs and was able to beat him. In a grudge match, Aaron bested Blake to make it to the championship game. In a dramatic fashion, Aaron was able to beat Doug for the Championship.

In 2007 Aaron went on a 6 game winning streak before dropping 4 in a row. He was able to come back and win his next 3 to give him a tie for the best overall record. Due to tie breaker procedures, Aaron was the divisional winner but was the #2 seed. Aaron was able to beat Ty Palmer in the first round but was unable to beat Dave Pate in the next.

In 2008 Aaron had a rocky start by losing 3 of his first 4 games. He was able to come back and win the next 5 out of 6. Aaron ended up going far into the playoffs by besting Mike in the first round and divisional champion Doug in the next. However, Aaron lost the conference championship game to the eventual 2008 KSL Champion, Ryan.

In 2009 Aaron had a very similar season. He dropped 3 of his first 4. Aaron was able to win his final 3 games in order to secure the #3 seed. Similar to 2008, Aaron took on Doug after he had a first round bye and Aaron came out on top. The next match was against Travis who was 10-2 on the year. Aaron was unable to beat him and he fell victim to Travis for the third time that year. Aaron's season was similar to the previous year; making it all the way to the conference championship but unable to make it back to the championship game.

In 2010 Aaron started off rocky by starting 2-3. He was able to come back and go 6-2 in his final games. However, Aaron lost in the first round to Joe Snider and was unable to Kevin or Oberg and ended up finishing 8th overall after losing 3 in a row. Aaron had an average season but he struggled in the playoffs.

2011 was the year Aaron made it back to the top of the pack. Aaron started 6-1 before finishing 9-4 overall. In the first round Aaron took on Kevin who had the highest points for that year and was able to beat him. In the second round, defending champion Mike Smith was next. Aaron was able to beat him in the hopes of getting back to the championship game. Finally, Ty Boardman was next. Ty had beat the #1 and #3 seeded teams to make is back to the championship. Aaron was able to stop Ty's run to the finals. Aaron finished with the 2nd best overall record and beat 3 of the toughest owners on his way to the title. This was Aaron's second KSL title in 5 years. It makes Aaron the second owner to win 2 championship; the first being Mike Smith. Aaron also won the Pickems Championship in 2011 making him the first owner to win multiple titles in the same year.

2012-2015 - Playoffs but no titles

In 2012 Aaron had started out strong. He had started off 4-1 but then went 1-2 over his next couple of games. However, he was able to win the next 5 in a row to capture his division and the first overall seed. This was his second divisional title and his first #1 seed. The first round of the playoffs saw him taking on divisional rival Joe Snider. Aaron was able to beat him for the third time that year but his next matchup was against Dave Pate. Despite putting up the second most points that week, Aaron was unable to beat Dave.

In 2013 Aaron was poised to make a comeback but he had a rough start by going 1-4. This placed him towards the bottom but he was able to get 2 divisional wins to be 3-4. His next 2 games he traded wins and was 4-5. His next matchup was against Andy who he had never lost to. However, Andy was able to get a win and put Aaron on the hot seat. Aaron needed 2 wins for playoff contention and 3 to secure it. He won his next matchup but lost in week 12 to Kevin. His week 13 game was for a playoff spot and luckily Aaron was able to defeat Dave Nanninga and secure the 7th seed. However, he was beaten in the first round by long time rival Kevin. He fell again to Joe Snider in the 2nd and was beaten by Andrew in the 3rd round to place 8th overall. It was a disappointing year for Aaron but he had made a couple of smart moves to secure a couple extra picks for the following year.

In 2014 Aaron's division was one of the toughest in KSL and he had a tough test on his way to the playoffs. Aaron traded wins with his divisional rivals going 3-3 in the process. Outside his division, he was able to get some big wins but he had a rough patch and lost 4 in a row during the final stretch. In his final game, he was able to get a big win over Dave Nanninga and make it to the playoffs as the 7th seed. Aaron took out Brian in the first round but lost to Dave Pate in the second. Aaron was happy to have made it into the playoffs but was disappointed at the losses in the playoffs.

2015 saw Aaron move into a division with long time rival Andy. Aaron started 2-1 and was in control of the division. Luckily his entire division lost 2 straight so he could keep control moving into the rest of the season. Aaron won 3 straight and was in control of his division but a loss the following week put that in jeopardy because rival Andy Hughes had won 4 straight and going into Week 11, Andy was one game out of first place in the division. Aaron was able to get a big win here by not only beating a rival but also winning the division in the process. Aaron went into the playoffs as the #3 seed and was taking on longtime rival Dave Pate round 1. These two have played each other numerous times but their round 1 matchup from 2005 was one for the ages. Aaron was an early favorite but Dave was able to defeat Aaron once again, in the playoffs. Aaron went on to finish the year in 7th place.

2016-Present - Getting Closer to the Goal

Aaron started 2016 with a loss to the eventual division leader Ty Palmer. Aaron went on to win the next 6 in a row before losing a close one to Ty Boardman. Aaron went on to finish 9-4 and was the #4 seed. Aaron defeated Brian in the first round but fell to Andy in the second. Aaron has been victorious against Andy in the regular season but has been winless against him in the playoffs.

For 2017 Aaron was at 7-2 and in lead for his division. Unfortunately, he lost 3 of his last 4 games but finished at a respectable 8-5.