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KSL 2002 Stats
Best Record Kevin (8-4)
Worst Record Shawn (2-10)
Won Playoffs Brian Schoutteet
Last in Playoffs Lance Frail
Most Points For Lance Frail
Most Against Shawn Werderman
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The initial year of KSL started with the first ever 2002 Draft. The order was chosen at random. The scheduling for 2002 was unique because each team had 3 bye weeks every 4 games. There were 15 weeks but only 12 games were played per team. The playoffs were only 4 teams and so the bottom team wouldn't make it in. The playoffs lasted for 2 weeks during week 16 and 17.

Weeks 1-5

During the first 5 weeks of matches Brian pulled ahead but a win by Kevin over Brian gave him an edge in the standings. Surprisingly, Andrew was able to get some wins also and after Week 5, there was a 3 person tie for first. Meanwhile, Frail only had 1 win and Shawn was winless.

Weeks 6-10

Kevin was able to start the win streak here and he won all 5 matches to go 7-1 for the season. Andrew won a couple matches but finished 5-3 during this stretch. Brian was only able to get 1 win and so he was currently 4-4. Meanwhile Frail was 3-5 and Shawn was 1-7.

Week 11-15

This was the final stretch to determine who was seeded where and who wouldn't make it to the playoffs. Andrew made a big push for 1st place by winning 3 of 4 and Kevin lost 3 of 4. Both teams were 8-4 going into the playoffs. However, due to the tie breaking procedures, Kevin edged out Andrew as the #1 overall seed. Brian was also making a big push to be the top team by winning 3 of 4. He did fall one game short and so he was the #3 seeded team at 7-5. The battle for the 4th seed was decided week 12 when Shawn lost to Kevin. Frail had the clear tie breaker and he went 5-7 for the season. Meanwhile, Shawn went 2-10 and was out of the playoffs.


Kevin was able to make short work of Frail and Brian was able to overcome Andrew during the first week. Next up was Andrew over Frail in the loser bracket. In the championship match, Brian was able to overcome Kevin to become the first ever KSL Champion.

  Semi-finals Championship
 1   Kevin  W  
 4   Frail  L  
     1   Kevin  L
   2   Brian  W
 2   Brian  W
 3   Andy  L  


This was Brian and Kevin's only trip to the finals in their entire KSL career. It was Brian's first and only championship in his career and it was the last time Shawn would play in KSL. This was the first year of head to head before switching to the Points system the following year. This also laid the groundwork for the 2005 season to the present.