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KSL 2017 Stats
Best Record Doug (10-3)
Worst Record Oberg (2-11)
Won Playoffs Dave Pate
Last in Playoffs Aaron Hughes
Most Points For Erik
Most Against Erik
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The 2017 Season was more of the same. We saw a shuffling of the divisions and an uptick in injuries to first round draft picks. OUCH!

Weeks 1-5

PBnJ remained in close contention with Brian at 2-3 and the other teams at 1-4. Brian's two wins were divisional which helped keep him on top. Dave Pate was closing in on him and was looking to take back the division after a string of loses.

The LuLz division had two 5-0 teams in Doug and Kevin. Andy wasn't far behind at 3-2 with his only 2 loses coming in the division. As luck would have it Doug and Kevin would face each other in Week 6.

The 5BBB division saw Nanninga win 4 straight after losing week 1 to Aaron. Aaron was 1 game behind but looking to take back the division. Erik was hot on their heels but a full game back from Aaron

Weeks 6-10

PBnJ had a better set of weeks for this time frame. Dave Pate went 4-1 during this time frame and took over as the leader in that division. Brian kept up with him and was tied but was 2nd due to tiebreakers. Travis has a resurgence by winning his final 3 games of that set of weeks. This put him in contention for the division and a wildcard spot. Jon has a rough go and lost all 5 games putting him at last in the division and the tied for last in the league.

The LuLz kept the same story as before with Doug and Kevin leading the way. Doug and Kevin met in Week 6 where Doug defeated him. However, Doug suffered his first loss against Andy in Week 9. Doug continued his great season and was 9-1 through 10 weeks. Kevin lost 3 of his matches in this time frame and was on the outside looking in for the division but was in a prime position to take the high wildcard spot. Andy went 3-2 and got key wins over Doug and Aaron. Ty Palmer got a big win over Kevin but lost his other 4 matches.

Aaron and Dave N stayed in a close race during this time frame. Ultimately, Aaron got the edge by having a better divisional record. However, Erik was able to get some wins during this time and move into a key position role by being only 2 games away from taking the division. Ty B lost all 5 games and was last in the division and tied for last in the league.

Weeks 11-13

PBnJ looked like it would be a race between Brian and Dave Pate but Travis defeated Brian in Week 11 to give Dave the edge. Travis kept winning and finished with a 6 game winning streak and even defeated Dave in the final match of the season. Unfortunately, Dave had the tiebreaker over Travis and so he took the #3 seed. Meanwhile, Brian lose 2 of his last 3 games to miss the playoffs. Jon had already been eliminated but got a 1 win during the final stretch.

In LuLz, Doug had locked up the division but he solidified it when Kevin went on a 5 game losing streak. Doug ended up losing 2 of his last three games but it didn't matter since he had the tiebreakers needed to control the division. Quietly, Andy had won 5 in a row and finished 9-4 on the season despite losing his first 2 games. Kevin's losing streak dropped him to the #6 seed. Ty Palmer won his last 2 games but fell short at 4-9.

The 5BBB division saw a lot of action towards the end. Aaron dropped 3 games in a row by slim margins. This allowed Dave Nanninga to swoop in and take the division. Dave took the #2 seed while Aaron was #5. Erik was in contention to take the division but losses to Andy and Aaron nullified that possibility. TyBo played Spoiler and won 2 games during this stretch. His wins took Aaron from the #2 seed and knocked Brian out of the playoffs.


In Week 1 of the playoffs we had 3 of the 4 contests were rematches from Week 4 of the Regular Season. Ultimately, The top 4 seeds moved on to the second week of the playoffs. In the second week, Doug took on Andy for the third time this season. Nanninga and Pate faced off again in a lead up to the finals.

Divisional Finals Conference Finals Championship
1  Doug W  
8  Erik L  
  1  Doug W  
  4  Andrew L  
4  Andrew W
5  Aaron L  
    1  Doug L
  3  Dave Pate W
2  Dave N W  
7  Travis L  
  2  Dave N L
  3  Dave P W  
3  Dave P W
6  Kevin L